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Meet Will Robertson

will robertson speakerWill Robertson is recognized as one of the most requested business and motivational keynote speakers for corporate America. Specializing in corporate leadership and enterprise sales strategy, Will has spoken before every Bell Operating company in the USA and many Fortune 500 firms in the USA, Europe, Asia, Russia and Singapore. He is founder and CEO of Performance Strategies, Inc., a business coaching and management consulting firm located in Santa Ana, CA. Author, Video Producer, C-Suite Executive, Pilot and Writer, Will has delivered presentations for corporations, associations, and government groups since 1985.

"BEST in the industry! No one teaches leadership and management better!"

~ John Smith

Entrepreneur, Consumer Advocate

"We need more speakers like this. Truly amazing!"

~ Cindy Wilson

Founder, CEO of Small Business

"I've learned how to think like a leader instead of just trying to become one. Will made that possible."

~ Dan Davis

Entrepreneur, Inventor

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"I've learned more from this book than the last 20 books I've bought!"

~ Ron Raymond

Entrepreneur, business executive

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"I've never found a speaker so motivating"

~ Ken Manning

Entrepreneur, Inventor

"This speak tells you things that will change your life"

~ Sam Richards

Business Owner

"I now know who to take my life to the next level"

~ Janis Green

Professional Coach